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Thank you to all volunteers who applied to coach! 
Below are the Head Coaches and teams for the 2016-17 Gainesville Travel Basketball season:


2016-17 Travel Coaches

Travel >B5-1 Binkowski, Eric
Travel >B5-2 Page, Fred
Travel >B5-3 Harvey, Matt
Travel >B6-1 Ford, Al
Travel >B6-2 Cage, Tre
Travel >B6-3 D'Andrea, Robert (RJ)
Travel >B7-1 Nguyen, Tony
Travel >B7-2 Reynolds, Van
Travel >B7-3 Furlong, Scott
Travel >B8-1 Binkowski, Eric
Travel >B8-2 Walsh, Pat
Travel >B8-3 Fox, Kirk
Travel >G5-1 Shaw, Darren
Travel >G5-2 Bilal, Malik
Travel >G6-1 Banks, Brian
Travel >G6-2 Holder, J.D.
Travel >G7-1 Powell, Torey
Travel >G8-1 Gresham, Adrian