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GBA "Recreational" Basketball Program – Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the age/grade requirements for GBA "Recreational" Participation?

The "Recreational" teams are organized by grade and gender.  Based upon registration demographics, GBA expects to field teams in the following manner: 

BOYS:  2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade and Boys HS (11th/12th Grade) 
GIRLS:  2nd/3rd Grade, 4th/5th Grade, 6th/7th Grade, 8th/9th Grade and Girls HS (10th-12th Grade) 
Please note:  We have moved to a grade-based system.  All players will play their grade unless they are ahead a grade and wish to play with other players their age. If this applies to you, you must email the League Administrator at to request this change.  

Can my child play up a grade?

Yes, any child may play up a grade. To do so, register your child for the program they qualify for, then email the League Administrator at  prior to September 30th. Your registration will be transferred to the requested grade division.  The Summer League request to play up deadline coincides with the last day of open registration for the summer league.

What exactly does “Recreational” basketball in GBA mean?
Gainesville Basketball Association has offered recreational basketball for both boys and girls in the area since 1992.  "Recreational" basketball is best described as moderately competitive basketball.  All registered children are placed on a team within their respective age and gender bracket.  Players on each team will vary in skill level.
How do I sign up for GBA "Recreational" Basketball?
GBA offers online registration accessed through a registration link found on the GBA website. To register, click on the REGISTER NOW button and follow the instructions.  Please complete all sections of the registration and submit.  EACH PLAYER MUST BE REGISTERED through the online process.  Multiple children from the same family must be registered individually.  GBA offers many ways of paying for registration. Credit cards (Master Card, VISA, and Discover Card), debit cards, and single-use prepaid credit cards (gift cards) are all accepted through our secure, online registration system.
What is the cost to register and play GBA "Recreational" Basketball?
The Winter 2016-17 registration fee for GBA "recreational" basketball is $155.  A second player from the same family will receive a reduced fee of $15 and three (or more) children from the same family will receive a further reduced fee of $20 per player.  Winter registration fees cover the cost of the league, referee costs, gym space rental, and uniforms.  At the conclusion of the season, every player will receive a medal or t-shirt for his/her participation.  Teams advancing through the post-season tournament will receive championship and finalist trophies.  The Summer registration fee is $140 with sibling discounts of $10, and exclude tournament and trophies.  New uniforms will be provided to those who require them during the summer season however, players who reuse their Winter Rec uniform are eligible for a $15 discount.

What is the Refund policy? 

All GBA Recreational Basketball registrations include a non-refundable processing fee of $20 per player. 

Refund requests for winter league must be received BEFORE the draft date for the division the participant is registered in.  Once the draft has taken place, refund requests will only be granted to participants who need to withdraw due to a health or medical emergency.  In such cases, a doctor’s note must accompany the refund request.

Refund requests for summer league must be received BEFORE the first practice of the season.  Once practices have begun, refund requests will only be granted to participants who need to withdraw due to a health or medical emergency.  In such cases, a doctor’s note must accompany the refund request.

To request a refund, send an email to .  Please include the player’s name and registered division.  Refunds will be issued in the same form that the payment was received and will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt.  The decision to approve or deny a refund request rests solely with Gainesville Basketball Association. 

I have children in the same age and gender division.  Will they be on the same team?
Yes, GBA will accommodate children from the same family and, based on their age and gender, place them on the same team.  This also applies to divisions with combined ages such as girls 5th/6th grade. To ensure that your children are placed on the same team, please register each child for the program they qualify for, then email the League Administrator at  prior to September 30th. 
Are there any residency requirements to play GBA "Recreational" Basketball? 
There is a GBA residency requirement for players selected to our "Recreational" teams. In general, players selected for the GBA Recreational teams must be from one of the following zip codes: 20155, 20156, 20136, 20168, 20169 and 20181.   
When does registration start and end? 
For the Winter "Recreational" program, registration starts in early September and will end on date shown and on main page. For the Summer "Recreational" program, registration starts in early May and will end on date shown and on main page. This year space may be limited so participants are encouraged to register early.  Check our website frequently for updates and information.
Are there tryouts for the "Recreational" teams? 
There are no tryouts for "Recreational" basketball, however there will be evaluations/skills assessments for participants in the 2nd-5th grade.  Every registered child will be assigned to a team.  Attendance at skills assessments are strongly encouraged and may affect the draft placement of your child.   
When and where are the evaluations held? 
The evaluations schedule will be posted on the GBA website.  
When does the season start and end? 
For the "Recreational" program, practices will begin in late November and games begin in January.  The season will conclude in March with our playoff and championship tournament. 

2016-17 Important Season Dates
Rec Player Evaluations October 24 - November 2
Rec Player Drafts November 13-17
Practices begin the week of November 28th
Games begin January 7th
Picture Day TBD
Regular season ends weekend of February 25th/26th
End of season tournament begins week of February 27
Championship weekend of March 11th/12th
All-star Games March 12th
Coaches vs. Refs Game evening of March 12th
 Can I select or request practice day/time/location for my child? 

To accommodate the growing population of our community, Gainesville Basketball Association now requires the use of gym space 7 days a week.  As a result, practices and games may also be scheduled on Sundays throughout the season.  GBA does not guarantee requests for practice placement for any reason.  Requests to avoid a particular practice night must be sent to the League Administrator by June 5th for summer league, and by October 22nd for winter league.  Practice requests for winter will be made available to coaches at the draft for advisory purposes only.  If your child is ultimately placed on a team that has a practice night that conflicts with your original request, you may request a refund if you notify the League Administrator BEFORE practices begin.  Requests to change teams will not be honored.  

When and where are "Recreational" practices held? 
Practices for the Recreational program will be held at elementary and middle schools Gainesville, Haymarket, and Bristow area, and at United Sportsplex in Manassas.  Practice times fall between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM during the week, with younger teams getting the earlier time slots.  Typically, two (2) teams are assigned to each court during their assigned practice time.  Prior to the start of games season, each team will receive at least two (2) practices per week.  Once the games begin, each team will have one practice per week.  Each practice will be approximately one (1) hour in duration.  The sheer volume of participants served by GBA prevents us from guaranteeing specific practice nights for any child, coach, or team.   
Where and when are the "Recreational" games held? 
"Recreational" games are held in the local elementary and middle schools where the children practice, and at United Sportsplex.  Games may be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays starting as early as 9:00 AM and concluding as late as 10:00 PM. Every team will have at least one game on a Sunday.  Toward the end of the season, games MAY be scheduled on weeknights.  GBA reserves the right to reschedule/cancel games due to weather and school closures.  Our season must conclude prior to Spring Break and, therefore, may be shortened based upon missed gym time due to weather-related school closures. 
Who are the "Recreational" coaches and how are the "Recreational" coaches selected?
Each year the GBA selection committee reviews all applications and selects all of its "Recreational" coaches.  Regardless of their record, no coach is guaranteed a position from one year to the next and must reapply each season.  Coaches are typically parents of the children registered in the program and the coach will have likely have his/her child on their team.  Coaches may be older siblings, but must be at least 18 years old to apply.  EVERY COACH is required to complete the online application as well as a background check.  Coaches may coach more than one team in different age groups, but must indicate their desire to do so on the application/registration form. 
Who are the assistant coaches and how are the assistant coaches selected? 
GBA coaches may or may not have an assistant coach.  Assistants may be determined after the teams are selected, as many coaches may request help from one or more parents of players on his/her team.
My child wants to play for a particular coach. Can this be done? 
Sometimes a parent wants his/her child to play for a particular coach who is either known to the family on a personal basis, or has coached that child in the past.  Some coaches, because of their coaching method or success are very popular, even with parents who do not know them on a personal basis or whose child has not played for them before. GBA cannot guarantee that a child will play with/for a particular coach.  Coaches may have the opportunity to select specific players during the draft selection process. 
How does the player draft work for "Recreational" teams? 
Each GBA team is formed through a draft selection process.  After coaches have been selected and after the skills assessments have taken place, a draft will be held to select players and assign them to their teams.  Prior to the draft, the "Recreational" coaches for each age and gender are presented with the names of each GBA registered child.  Based upon what is known by the coaching community about each child, the children are selected onto a team.

Coaches consider many things when selecting their players.  They include, but are not limited to basketball skills, positions needed (point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center) and intangibles like hustle, teamwork, and the ability to take direction. 
How many kids are on each "Recreational" team? 
Last year GBA Basketball mandated nine (9) players on a roster to participate on each "Recreational" team. 
How are kids notified when they have been placed on a team? 
We ask that the coaches notify their selected players and families and provide them with as much team information as possible within three (3) days of the draft selection.   Please remember, our coaches are volunteers and probably have several important things (including basketball) affecting their lives.  Please be patient in November.  Rest assured that things are happening and someone will contact you.  If, by the end of November, you have not been contacted, please contact the GBA League Administrator via email 
My child has been placed on a team and the coach has made notification, however, for several reasons (we can not practice on the night the coach has been given, we don't like the coach, my child does not get along with another child on the team, etc.) I want to switch him/her to another team.  Is that possible? 
No. Once players have been assigned to teams, GBA is unable to accommodate teams switching players at ALL, PERIOD.  This is not a coach’s decision, but a GBA decision. 
Some kids have been notified but my child has not been notified yet, What should I do? 
As indicated above, some coaches may be behind in notification.  Please follow the guidelines outlined above.   
Is there a minimum playing time rule for "Recreational" basketball? 
Yes, the GBA "Recreational" teams have rules for minimum playing.  Outlined in the GBA League Rules is a specific player participation policy.  In short, the policy states that each child is guaranteed a minimum of the two (2) quarters of playing time.  Please print out the "Documents" (GBA "Recreational" Playing Time Tracker and GBA League Rules) for your records, located on the menu page of this website.  
How can I find out where my child’s games are being held and when?
Prior to the start of the season, each coach will be presented an official game schedule for dissemination to his or her teams. Additionally, GBA will post entire league schedules on the website.  
How do I know what color jersey to wear?
Home team wears the white jersey, the away team wears the blue jersey. Please check our website to identify whether you are designated the Home or Away team.

What are the duties of the volunteer Scorekeeper and Timekeeper?

Volunteer Scorekeepers and Time Keepers are needed before the start of each game.  If asked, referees will provide a brief tutorial to volunteers on Scorekeeper and Timekeeper duties. In addition, a description of duties is located in the link below.